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SAPHILA is a biennial world class information technology conference hosted by the African SAP User Group (AFSUG) in collaboration with SAP.




9 – 11 July 2023, Sun City Resort

SAPHILA 2023 promises to elevate the information technology industry by creating an all-encompassing immersive environment for all SAP users to connect, create, collaborate and knowledge share in the very latest innovations, implementations and service delivery best practices, that the world of SAP has to offer. So register now and ASPIRE to new heights by engaging in unprecedented levels of plenary keynote presentations, industry streams and workshops, partner exhibitions, evening networking and social events and so much more.



SAPHILA is a biennial conference for the SAP user group community, hosted by the African SAP User Group (AFSUG). SAPHILA enables attendees the ability to connect, create and collaborate and have access to a world of first-class peers and experts, customers – including CIOs, CEOs, Management Level IT Users, SAP End Users, Partners, Consultants and of course SAP Senior Executives – who can bring to you first-hand the innovative technologies and solutions that SAP has to offer, ensuring you understand and learn about real-time data, Intelligent Enterprise and all the latest hot topics. 

A recap of our last Saphila conference:


SAPHILA is a world class Information Technology Conference and will be of interest and benefit if you are a:

SAP COE Manager
SAP Project Manager
SAP Super User
SAP IT Program Manager
SAP IT Program Directors
Business Specialist
Business Strategist

All SAP industry participants are encouraged to attend SAPHILA 2023.


Why should you attend SAPHILA 2023, and how do you convince your company to allow you to attend this world-class technology conference?

SAPHILA 2023 will afford you access to a multitude of beneficial engagements and opportunities, such as:

Keynote presentations brought to you by industry experts who will inspire you to take your organisation into the future with the latest innovations.

Content provided by board-level SAP experts and industry leaders, as well as a range of customers who have responded to a call for papers and will speak on some of the latest and most exciting industry topics.

Exhibition spaces packed with SAP Partners showcasing their solutions on implementing projects faster, better and within a cost-effective budget.

Showcasing and demonstration of new products, presented by SAP and SAP partners. Various high-value round table discussions, panel discussions, workshops, and presentation streams.




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